Catfish and Catfish Juvenile

Juvenile fish are fish raised between the age of 6 – and 8 wks of growth by fish farmers. They are profitably brought in the bulk of 100 pieces. Although their prices are usually not expensive to afford, the input money to rearing them into market size is what is put into consideration as they have to be fed regularly with proper culturing and maintenance. As a beginner, you start raising your fish from juvenile stage because by then, they would have grown to a level where managing them will…

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Spray Tube Irrigation Kit

A spray tube, also known as a drain hose or sprinkler hose, is a collection of polythene pipes used to irrigate crops. Spray tube irrigation systems operate similarly to sprinklers; because they spray water onto crops, they are technically sprinklers as well.   Spray tube irrigation systems ensure that plants receive enough water throughout the year. They function similarly to rain guns, although they use less water and are more efficient when used on small plots of land. In Nigeria, farmers who want to cultivate their crops all year can…

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Day Old Commercial Foreign Turkey (Price and all you need to know)

A valuable poultry production endeavor is commercial foreign turkey be it Turkeys, like broilers, grow quickly and are ready for market in four to five months. Turkey farming is primarily for meat, though there are a few people who raise turkeys for eggs. Turkeys are primarily raised for their meat, but they are also quite easy to raise compared to other poultry birds, owing to their great disease resistance and low mortality once they are beyond the brooding stage (0-4 weeks). Though they can be grown in a free-range setting,…

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