Spray Tube Irrigation Kit

A spray tube, also known as a drain hose or sprinkler hose, is a collection of polythene pipes used to irrigate crops. Spray tube irrigation systems operate similarly to sprinklers; because they spray water onto crops, they are technically sprinklers as well.


Spray tube irrigation systems ensure that plants receive enough water throughout the year. They function similarly to rain guns, although they use less water and are more efficient when used on small plots of land.

In Nigeria, farmers who want to cultivate their crops all year can utilize spray tubes. Spray tubes are ideal for green vegetables and other crops that thrive in humid environments. In Nigeria, a farmer can produce his crops throughout the dry season using a spray tube irrigation method.


Some of our crops that we can use a spray irrigation system


  1. Leafy Vegetables: For leafy vegetables, spray tube irrigation can be employed. Ugwu, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and all other varieties of Nigerian leafy vegetables can be sprayed with leafy vegetable spray tubes.
  2. Rice is one of the crops the government is focusing on as part of its food security strategy. Irrigating rice with spray tubes or micro-spray hoses works incredibly well.
  3. Tomatoes: To start a tomato nursery, spray tubes can be used. They can be used to irrigate tomato plants as well. Using spray tube irrigation during tomato blossom and fruiting, however, requires caution.


Laser spray tube irrigation can be used to irrigate all types of peppers, just as tomatoes. It works well with sweet peppers, cayenne peppers, habaneros, and chilli peppers, among other things.

Flood and furrow irrigation are 30 to 70 per cent less effective and efficient than spray tube irrigation though according to some scientific data. Liquid fertilizer is an example of a product that can be used.


Irrigation spray tube uses/benefits

  1. The velocity of water movement and direction of flow will be sufficiently maintained throughout the procedure thanks to our unique design. Establishing evenness in the top dressing irrigation spray tube allows liquid fertilizer to be injected into the tube, which aids in top dressing evenness.
  2. It can also aid in the preservation of soil looseness.
  3. Crops planted in rows are ideal for using our spray tubes.
  4. Most suitable equipment for irrigating sandy soil.
  5. Using the equipment in the late afternoon reduces the survival rate of moths (harmful insects), reducing the need for pesticides. If properly managed, water application efficiency is great.
  6. Field levelling is not required, and irregularly shaped fields are easily accommodated.
  7. It is safe to utilize recycled non-potable water.
  8. At field capacity, moisture in the roots zone can be maintained.
  9. Irrigation labour is less expensive than other methods.
  10. The valves and shoppe can be adjusted to control supply variations.
  11. It is usually run at a lower pressure than other types of pressurized irrigation, which saves money on electricity.
  12. Water-saving irrigation spraying technology that requires low water pressure and thereby saves both electricity and water. It sprays uniformly, which improves seed germination and seedling survival rates.

Spray tube specifications

  1. Polyethene is used to make the spray tubes.
  2. The spray tubes are available in 100-metre rolls.
  3. UV protection is built into the spray tubes.
  4. Our spray tube has a spray diameter of 0.1 to 6 meters.
  5. Spray tube irrigation can be used with any type of water supply (borehole, well, river, dam or stream etc.)
  6. With our unique design of twin wings at the tube’s edge, it has two functions: one is to evenly spray. This will prevent the tube from rapid rotation and keep the water spray in the same direction during the irrigation procedure.


You want to spend less on your farming system, yet produce all year round go for spray tube irrigation systems

You want to avoid the spread of diseases on crops, you can as well go for spray tube irrigation systems.

Construction and spray part repair is very affordable for crop farmers in both rural and urban areas. It can be used both in the rainy and dry seasons.