Half Carton of Exotic Nicholas Turkey (15 Pcs)


Turkeys are primarily raised for their meat, but they are also quite easy to raise compared to other poultry birds, owing to their great disease resistance and low mortality once they are beyond the brooding stage (0-4 weeks). Though they can be grown in a free-range setting, which involves releasing them from their cage into an open environment, or in a semi-intensive setting, which involves keeping them in a cage/room throughout the rearing process. The first approach saves money because they can meet most of their nutritional demands on their own, while the second system allows them to develop faster and bigger due to the extra attention they will receive.


Poults are just young turkeys. They are large, strong birds that are primarily reared for meat. Turkeys, on the other hand, have a lot of promise in the country, especially in locations where consumers want lean meat. Turkeys are naturally low in fat and high in taste, making them not only delicious but also healthy for you and your family.

To ensure good quality and healthy birds, purchase your poults from a reputable supplier (an NPIP-certified hatchery). That which we can assure you of when you purchase from us.

Keep your poults from a single source. Make sure not to combine poult sources because they may not develop well together.

Poults should be kept separate from hens and other birds. Some infections are transmitted from one bird species to the next, yet although chickens exhibit no symptoms, turkeys may develop a major medical problem (for example, blackheads and chronic respiratory disease).

Mixing birds of different ages is not a good idea. The nutritional requirements of turkey of various ages vary. Younger birds are also more susceptible to disease. Mixing birds of various ages promotes excessive rivalry for space, water, and food.

Make sure there’s enough room for the floor, feeder, and waterer. Ample feed and waterer area guarantees that all birds have access to free food and water.

Cover the brooding area with at least two inches of clean, dry, and absorbent litter material, such as pine wood shavings, if the poults will be started on litter. Sawdust, newspapers, hardwood shavings, cedar shavings, or hay should not be used as bedding.

Turkeys are extremely cold-sensitive. Check the brooder at least 24 hours before the poults arrive and set the temperature to 95 to 98 degrees F for the first two weeks, two to three inches above the litter surface. Reduce the temperature by five degrees Fahrenheit each week until it reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and keep it there until no more heat is required (usually at 6 to 8 weeks of age). Use a brooder guard to provide poults with enough space to move away from the brooder if necessary. Infrared heaters are a simple way to keep poults warm. If you’re going to utilize heat lamps, make sure they’re properly secured to avoid a fire.

Once your poults reach home, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get off to a good start. Remove each one from the shipment box and inspect it first. Then, as soon as you put them in the brooder, dip their beaks in water to teach them where the water is and how to drink. Keep in mind that shipped poults will be stressed as a result of the transport process. For the first two weeks, make sure they eat and drink plenty.

Provide adequate shade around your turkey rearing area, and ensure that the covers on their cages are rolled up so that the cage is well ventilated. Install a hot filaments bulb on the roof of the coop to provide warmth on cold nights.

They must be vaccinated at least twice between the ages of 0 and 10 weeks, and dewormed at least once a month; the deworming medicine is commonly added into their drinking water. And your day-old turkey will grow well.

Deliveries and pick up for foreign day-old turkeys like the Exotic Nicholas Turkey are available from us. They are from trust and reliable hatchery. And when buying from us you will have the opportunity to get guidance from us till they survive the 0 – 4 weeks.



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