Matured Arbor Acre Broilers


Arbor Acre broiler is a fast-growing broiler strain, they are notable for their heavy feeding ability, good weight gains and good feed conversion. The cornerstone of the Arbor Acres brand is the highly successful breeding of Arbor Acres plus. The plus bred is to produce chicken effectively through consistent parent performance, excellent broiler performance and good processing yield. Customers around the world are having the Arbor Acres Plus because of its highly competitive position among other strains of broilers. The Arbor Acres Plus is also referred to as CHI Brand Due to its highly competitive position among others day old, farmers around the world praise the breed. From the hatcheries whose main business is to sell day-old chicks, who profit from the high number of the saleable chicks produced by the parent stock on the farm to farmers even in testing environmental conditions, while the broiler farmers will profit from the excellent growth rate, quick feed conversion, and livability of the Arbor Acres Plus broiler.

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The parent stocks are raised in fantastic from day old to culling, which minimizes the possibility of transmissible infections. The chicks are produced with good biosecurity that guarantees healthy, disease-free chicks from the hatchery to the farm. The average mortality up to 42 days is 3 – 5℅ under good rearing practices.


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